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Laura Bush: gay families A-OK at Easter egg roll

It’s an event that has a great tradition and all families are welcome to attend.
— Peter Watkins, deputy press secretary to first lady Laura Bush, who is the official overseer of the egg roll

How long before Dobson, Falwell, Sheldon, and the rest of the yahoos start lighting up the White House batphone? Perhaps the calls are already coming in…(Scripps-Howard):

On April 17, hundreds of gay and lesbian parents and their children intend to be among the 16,000-or-so others who attend the free event. Organizers say their purpose is not to demonstrate or cause a commotion, but instead to simply make a “positive” statement by their presence, and to celebrate the fact that an estimated 9 million children are being raised in the United States by gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered parents.

“We want to give our fellow citizens the opportunity to see us as real families, participating in a great American tradition on the White House lawn, rather than protesting from the sidelines,” the Family Pride Coalition, an organizer of this “family visibility action,” says on its Web site,

So far, about 200 people have signed up via the Family Pride Web site. That is 200 too many for some anti-gay groups like the Traditional Values Coalition.

“For crying out loud, at the Easter Egg roll? This is a family event,” said an exasperated executive director Andrea Lafferty, who called it “very distasteful” and inappropriate to politicize the occasion and to use children to do so.

To her and those who share her view, this is just another example of homosexuals trying to force themselves and their agenda on Americans. “They’re trying to cloak themselves in normalcy. It’s not normal. The American people overwhelmingly believe it’s not normal,” Lafferty said.

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* White House responds to LGBT families attending the Easter Egg Roll

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