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Late Nite FDL: We’re Baaack!!!

P1010024.jpg Well at least I am anyway. Reddhedd is on a Red Eye tonight and will be back in West Virginia tomorrow. It was quite the whirlwind trip.

We spent yesterday with Kos, Matt Stoller of MyDD, John Aravosis of AmericaBlog, Ian Welsh of BOP, Maryscott O’Connor of My Left Wing, Adam Green of MoveOn and author Roberto Lovato as guests of Working Assets in a workshop on media training. Gawd if there is anything more painful than standing up in front of people and speaking it can only be having a camera trained on you at the same time but we had fun, ate really good food, swapped war stories and learned much. I also got to have an eventful dinner with Swopa but more on that later.

I had to fly back to Oregon this morning but Redd stuck around to give her credit cards a workout and have a reader/blogger coffee with John Aravosis and Maryscott. John blogged about it here and our good friend Steve Rhodes took photos and posted them on Flickr. Redd’s the one in the blue shirt and (surprise) red hair. Isn’t she a beauty?

I’m still catching up but in the meantime lots of people are getting their copies of Crashing the Gates so if you’re inclined to share your thoughts on the topic go over to Amazon and write a review or simply vote for the ones that are already there (I put mine up but it probably won’t be on the site until tomorrow). Kos is going to be on Stephen Colbert on March 22 (I think) so political blogging should be in the news quite shortly in a meaningful way, as opposed to a thoroughly useless Hugh Hewitt wanky way.

Thanks so very much to Watertiger, Steve, Taylor, Greg, Scott and Pach for the superlative guest posting they did, and to everyone who was on troll patrol. We really appreciate the fine care you took of our wonderful readers and commenters and never worried for a minute that the blog was in anything but the best of hands.

Happy to be back on the beach with the dogs. Oh and I flashed Aravosis (not that he cared).

Did I miss anything?

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