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Falwell calls the fuzz on Soulforce

Tinkywinky bastard. After last year’s humiliation, where students welcomed Soulforce on campus despite Falwell’s disapproval, this year he called the campus cops to cuff and haul off the Equality Riders.

The Soulforce team is on a 51-day ride to advocate for civil equality and had planned to talk to students at Liberty, the first stop on the tour. (365gay):

Twenty members of the Soulforce the Equality Ride were arrested Friday as they attempted to discuss LGBT civil rights with students at Liberty University.

The Rev. Jerry Falwell, the university’s chancellor warned Wednesday that members of the non-denominational group were not welcome at the school.

Campus police, on instructions from Falwell, were waiting Friday as the bus carrying the Equality riders stopped in front of the campus. As members, mostly young people, one by one read from a prepared statement and then stepped onto the grounds they were arrested and charged with trespassing.

…Invoking the memory of the civil rights movement, Soulforce member Jacob Reitan said: “We want to come to the school today to say, ‘learn from history.'”

“We have a right to be here, because this school teaches that being gay is being sick and sinful,” Reitan, co-director of Equality Ride told the Associated Press. “We have a right to question and to show how we are children of God.”


Update from the comments: House Blend reader Matt Hill Comer, a local NC LGBT activist and student at UNCG, was one of the people arrested at the Soulforce event. He has a first-hand account over at his pad.

Matt also had this to say about those who call themselves “Christians,” who insist on fearing and demonizing gays and lesbians.

Just as Episcopal Bishop Spong once said… Just as Christ transcended the boundaries of race, gender and status, and saw humans as humans… Christ would have surely included gays and lesbians if ever given the chance.

But why must Jesus be the one to do it? Why can’t we do it, with inspiration from Him? Why must we, as modern day Christians, continually look back at what Jesus said in the Bible? Do we not have the ability to feel what is right, listen to our hearts, our God and the convictions which He sends to us? God is telling us one thing very clearly: “I am a loving God… I am an accepting God… and I am your Father, unconditionally”.

It is time for all people to stand up against discrimination and prejudice propagated by religiously-motived bigotry and hate. It is time for us all to stand hand in hand and say that we shall do what we know Jesus would do if he were here today. Thank God for our hearts and our souls… for it is through those two institutions in which we find the truth and the love of God.

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