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Pam's House Blend: Lesbians, Gays, and a Bunch of Tedium

Sometimes it gets a little old preaching to the choir, so occasionally I go ego-surfing on the internets to find out what people who don’t like me have to say. I love criticism, especially in the form of poor writing and ad hominem attacks.

I was pleased to find one of a series of posts on “Most Overrated Blogs” [UPDATE: fixed link and author reference] out at a place called “The Conjecturer”, where two Josh Foust, a college-aged twenty-somethings (I assume from their his bios and the one picture), dish on Pam’s House Blend (overrated, in their opinion, as much as Andrew Sullivan, Instapundit, LaShawn Barber, and Jockohomo).

If I ever need to know how a stereotypically angry black lesbian would think, I have Pam’s House Blend. Effortlessly meshing the worst of all possible worlds, PHB features the combined talents of “Radical Russ,” whose knowledge of opinion polls and statistics would be amusing only in a five-year old, and Pam, an angry harpy who feigns nonchalance at Jesus-themed dildos….

Did you know Radical Russ works at Starbucks? Not to slam my friends who are barristas, but seriously—is there anything more tedious than an ageing, angry, white liberal working at a Starbucks in the Pacific Northwest? The only stereotype missing (one I’m way to lazy to confirm or deny) is an old Volvo. This is “The Best LGBT Weblog?” My God, how boring—it must stand for “Lesbians, Gays, and a Bunch of Tedium.”

Pam is another story, another stereotype. A black lesbian who has chosen to live in the deep south, she is a never ending spout of righteous anger and victimization… when she’s not talking about her hair. Somehow she got it into her head that abstinence didn’t in fact prevent AIDS or pregnancy, a rather curious notion given our current understandings of medical science and the reproductive system….

…Sigh. Getting the picture yet? I certainly am, though it’s not that pretty. Angry Lezbros of America, unite—you have found your Queen Überbitch of the blogosphere. Move on over, Sully.

Well, you know I can’t just leave without posting a comment, don’t you?

Hey, fellas, thanks for noticing! Though I hope you spend more time fact-checking your college theses than you do fact-checking your ad hominem attacks on blogs that get thirty times the traffic your little cobweb gets.

For instance, not only do I not work at Starbucks, I don’t even drink coffee. The “straight white barista” comment is a riff on the theme of Pam’s House Blend which is styled as a lesbian coffeehouse where LGBT issues, politics, religion, race, and pop culture are served up like a triple venti mochaccino (or was the big coffee cup logo in the banner a little too subtle for you?) Of course, understanding context might take a little more critical analysis than scanning a few posts to support a predetermined rant against “sterotypical angry black lezbros [sic]” and “ageing [sic] angry white liberals”

Just the slightest bit of clicking would’ve revealed that I am, in fact, a well-paid network engineer with a successful career in information technology, a political activist, a professional musician, a National Guard veteran, and a thirty-eight-year-old (if that’s “ageing” [sic], then technically we’re all ageing [sic]) married man who drives a big gas guzzling Jeep Grand Cherokee (I’ve never even been in a Volvo). I support the 2nd Amendment just as vocally as the 1st, loathe political correctness and idiotic euphemisms like “womyn”, “differently-abled”, and “flight attendant”. I think affirmative action is in severe need of reform, recycling (except for aluminum) is a waste of time that hurts the environment more than it helps, and PETA is a ridiculous, terrorist supporting group. I eat meat (lots of it), support hunting, and, believe it or not, hate Starbucks. My, how stereotypically Pacific Northwest ageing [sic] angry liberal of me!

But again, that would require reading rather than scanning. For example, the post about the chants of “USA! USA!” referenced a meeting of the College Republicans in Irvine, California, where racism, jingoism, and good old-fashioned tent-revival Evangelism coalesced in an orgy of anti-Muslim, anti-Arab extremism. Or Pam’s post about the Silver Ring virginity pledges where the large majority of those who pledge virginity until marriage don’t live up to the pledge and how the rates of STD infection are not significantly lowered in that population. But who has time for comprehension when one is hell bent on proving a pre-ordained stereotype?

As for the opinion polls, blame SurveyUSA and the reputable polling organizations that compile the state-by-state approval rating polls that show Pretzeldunce Chimpy McFlightsuit to have a lower job approval rating than a poll of Alaskan sea birds’ opinion on Capt. Joseph Hazelwood. Oops, did I say “Pretzeldunce Chimpy McFlightsuit”? I meant “Queen Uberbitch, stereotypical angry harpy heterosexical lezbro [sic]”.

However, the site looks great. Excellent CSS and WordPress template coding. Nice photography, too. Could use a spell-check, though.

[Feverishly cross-posted at Radical Writ]

[UPDATE: Dan, one of the co-authors of the blog, responds (quite eloquently) in the comments]

I don’t recall ever being a participant in the overrated blog series, I don’t know why I feel dragged in here.

Because the post did not have an author’s byline, so I went to the “Who we are” link and saw two names. I could’ve assumed it was the undergrad and not the PhD candidate who wrote the piece, but didn’t want to assume.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, you should know that the Conjecturer’s authors do not go out of their way to lump gay people together and bash them. One of us is gay…try and guess which one, you might be shocked! Nevertheless, homophobia is never something we’ve been accused of…insensitivity yes, but we post all sorts of homosexuality-themed stories and essays. It’s almost like we’re being stereotyped as gay-bashers! Given what I believe is your strongest criticism, being unfairly stereotyped, this is problematic.

Ummm… lemme guess, the author of the post, Josh Foust? I didn’t want to assume that, either, but when I saw his picture… well, the gaydar pinging in my ears was loud enough to be heard in the adjoining cubicle.

I am curious, though, about how you made the leap into suggesting I was implying Josh was a gay-basher. Paragraph #1 questions his fact-checking. #2 explains the barista comment, and suggests Josh had a predetermined agenda. #3 refutes the “ageing [sic] white liberal” stereotype. #4 explains a couple of the cited posts. #5 riffs on ad hominem attacks. #6 is a compliment. Maybe #2 is the seed for your suggestion, but one need not be a “gay basher” to have an agenda for deconstructing liberal black lesbians… one need only be a shallow gay undergrad attending school in one of the most conservative areas of Colorado.

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