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Chris Matthews on the conservative payroll

Raw Story has the scoop on the Tweetster’s moonlighting gigs with on the wingnuts’ dime. Fair and balanced…oops, wrong network.

A new report advanced to RAW STORY Thursday suggests that Chris Matthews, the star of the Sunday talk show circuit’s Hardball, has accepted hefty speaking fees from an array of conservative trade associations.

Matthews has given speeches to at least ten major conservative trade associations since 2001. The report’s author, Dave Johnson, who blogs at Seeing The Forest and is also a fellow at the progressive Commonweal Institute, could find no records indicating that Matthews has spoken before any Democratic-leaning organizations. The report is not a product of the Commonweal Institute.

“Why is Matthews speaking at so many events with Republican-associated trade organizations?” Johnson asks. “What is NBC policy on speaking engagements and why does NBC keep it hidden? Are these trade associations paying Matthews to purchase influence?”

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding