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Video of the gay-bashing soldiers of the Third Infantry Division

Savannah’s WTOC has video of these five beasts, who beat the crap out of a gay man on Sunday morning in front of Blaine’s Back Door Bar.

One of those charged, Sidney Swift, boasted: “Yes, I beat that mother-fucking faggot up.” From the WTOC report, which included an interview with Georgia Equality board member Kevin Clark:

“How dare you, as a human being, violate and harm, savagely beat a fellow human being?” That’s what Kevin Clark would like to say to the suspects. “Words can’t describe the fear, the anger, the feeling of violation.”

He knows that feeling all too well. He says he’s been verbally attacked several times just because of his sexual orientation. That’s why he’s become a gay advocate, aiming to make a difference. “This is not welcome in Savannah, not welcome in Georgia, not welcome in this country,” he said.

Clark says, despite a few isolated issues, he’s always felt welcome in Savannah. He even flies the rainbow flag proudly over his bed and breakfast downtown. But these men’s hate has taken away some of his security, and Clark says, if convicted, they should pay.

“They have to be given the most severe penalty possible to send a signal to any wannabes out there, whether they be military or not, that you can’t do this,” Clark said.

Because the men don’t have any direct ties to the area, the judge felt they were a flight risk. So all five soldiers will be held without bond.

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