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The Empty Wig threatens voters with 'mandatory' survey

If the Repugs can’t raise money the old-fashioned way, they just try to intimidate and scare people into giving them money. This is incredible bullsh*t, coming right from my Senator, the Empty Wig herself, Elizabeth Dole, who is head of the National Republican Senatorial Committee.

The Southern Dem at BlueNC has the scoop on this bottom-feeder, bush-league political quackery.

Elizabeth Dole sent out an NRSC fundraiser intentionally disguised as a “Return” and sent to “U.S. Individual Resident”. Upon a quick second look I did see that the return address had the American Eagle and Elizabeth Dole’s name at the top of the envelope. Someone else might honestly think that this was an official notification from the government. Especially, an elderly person or a new registrant who hasn’t been politically active in the past.

…Enclosed in the envelope was a four page letter and a three page survey. The survey was designed to look like a tax form. The very first sentence of the letter is,

Your immediate attention is required on a confidential and time-sensitive matter.

First, this is unsolicited. Neither my husband nor I requested this solicitation. Imagine my surprise when I continued to read and found these paragraphs:

DO NOT DESTROY YOUR SURVEY! The enclosed Republican Senate Leadership Survey is an OFFICIAL REPUBLICAN PARTY DOCUMENT. Your Survey is REGISTERED IN YOUR NAME ONLY and MUST BE ACCOUNTED FOR upon completion of this project. If you decide not to represent your local voting district in this important Republican Senate Leadership Survey – please RETURN THE SURVEY DOCUMENT – AT ONCE – IN THE ENVELOPE PROVIDED.

I find this last part to be completely out-of-the-box batsh*t vile — if you choose to “opt out” of filling the survey Dole and the GOP make a last-gasp effort to extract money from the voter’s wallet!

No. I do not wish to participate in the Survey, nor do I wish to make a donation to help the Republican Party. I am returning my Survey Document, along with a contribution of $11 to help cover the cost of tabulating and redistributing my Survey.

BlueNC has the complete survey and letter online.

It smells like flop-sweat desperation by the GOP if you ask me. They have to use lowest-common-denominator scare tactics, because they are afraid that the sheeple aren’t going to come out for the mid-terms.


Chris Kromm at the Koufax-nominated Facing South, points out that Bush isn’t faring so well here in this region, which may explain some of the above flopsweat by the NRSC.

How’s President Bush doing in the “solid South?” Not so well, according to a new poll from Elon University in five Southern states:

A new Elon University Poll shows support for President George W. Bush stands at 43 percent in five Southeastern states, while 52 percent of citizens disapprove or strongly disapprove of the job Bush is doing. Details and other poll results…

The poll, conducted Feb. 20-23 and Feb. 26-March 2 by the Elon University Institute for Politics and Public Affairs, surveyed 1,277 residents in Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia.

Note that this is just a hair above the national average, which after plummeting into the mid-30% approval range last November is now hovering around 40% across the country.

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