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Rev. Tinkywinky warns Soulforce not to come to Liberty U.

He’s afraid someone might catch “the gay” from Soulforce.

Last April, Mel White of the gay rights group Soulforce sent representatives to Liberty University to meet with students there. To Falwell’s surprise, 55 students met with the Soulforce folks, greeting them with baked goods, water, and a lot of pleasantries.

This year, he’s warning Soulforce to stay away again — he’s protecting the “children.” (365gay):

Thirty-five young adults will begin a national journey for gay rights Thursday when they set off from Washington for a national ride that will take them to schools that ban the enrollment of LGBT students.

…“We must cut off the suffering at its source. The source is religion-based oppression, and it has taken place for centuries,â€? says Jacob Reitan, Founder and Co-Director of the Soulforce.

…Liberty University has told Soulforce to stay away from its Lynchburg campus.

The Rev. Jerry Falwell, the university’s chancellor, said the Ride is nothing more than a fundraising ploy and media event.

“The parents of our students have entrusted their sons and daughters to our care,” he said in a statement. “Liberty has an obligation to these parents not to expose their children to a ‘media circus’ that might present immorality in a positive light.”

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