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How much religious indoctrination, er, instruction, does the average winger child need? Is it not taking? Let’s see, there are church services a few times a week, plus Sunday school. They can study the bible in the home, anytime after school. AND IT ISN’T ENOUGH for some Oklahoma legislators, who want kids out of school for more.

A bill that would let public school students leave school for one hour each week for religious instruction has been approved by the Oklahoma House. The legislation stirred impassioned debate in which supporters said removing prayer from public schools has driven Christians into the closet.

State Representative Kevin Calvey, a Republican candidate for Congress, said he’s offended by what he calls the “religion of secularism that the ACLU has forced down our throats.” A Democratic lawmaker responded that a student who wants to pray in school can do so whenever he wants by merely bowing his head and praying by himself. The measure now goes to the Oklahoma Senate, where similar measures have died in recent years.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding