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Boise's 'Heterosexuals Only' Protest

Idaho’s legislature is pushing another one of those discriminatory “one man one woman” anti-gay marriage amendments to their Constitution this next election (because, you know, Idaho is overrun with queers wantin’ to get hitched). Nevermind that Idaho already has laws against gay marriage; the Potatahoans are worried that one of them thar “activist judges” will force them kicking and screaming into the 21st century or something.

So it was with great pleasure that I saw an anonymous comment on the Blend reporting from my home town on an ingenious protest waged by the state’s gay and lesbian community:

BOISE – Stickers saying “Heterosexuals Only” were placed on bus benches and public drinking fountains in downtown Boise and at the Statehouse Monday morning.

The group says it used the “Heterosexuals Only” stickers to symbolize “Whites Only” and “Colored Only” stickers from past discrimination in the history of the American civil rights movement.

“In the struggle for human rights, an iconic image of that struggle has been signs that exclude classes of people,” an activist said. “You know, ‘Whites Only’ on drinking fountains, or blacks to the back of the bus.”

The group also said it selected Monday March 6 because it was the anniversary of the 1965 Selma to Montgomery march during the civil rights struggle.

That’s just plum brilliant! I’m surprised no one has thought of it before. It makes the very illustrative point that forces your average spudnik to address the truly discriminatory nature of this amendment.

Although many Idahoans just won’t get it, anyway:

At the Statehouse, some legislative leaders disapproved not only of the way the group chose to express its message, but they also said the message itself is wrong.

“Because I think everybody has the same rights here in Idaho and we’re not taking any body’s rights away,” said Sen. Bob Geddes, (R) Soda Spring, president pro tem of the Idaho Senate.

Well, he has a point, of sorts, since gays can’t marry in Idaho, anyway. But he’s not going to take a very liberal view of marriage rights, considering he’s from LDS Springs. Many of these wingnuts will tell you: “hey, gays, nobody is stopping you from marry someone of the opposite sex just like anyone else!” to justify their idea that they aren’t being discriminatory, which is an idea just as valid as putting a polling booth in a strip club and telling the wingnuts, “hey, wingnut, nobody is stopping from voting at the titty bar just like anyone else!”

I wish the protestors luck (I’ll bet I know a couple of them), but they haven’t a chance in hell of stopping this amendment from passing. I’ll be stunned if it doesn’t garner 70% of the vote.

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