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Alan Chambers and the exploding 'ex-gay' phenomenon

Wayne, Wayne, my sides are splitting. Oh, I had to take a break and read Wayne Besen’s column, Time For ‘Ex-Gay’ Hordes To March On Washington, once again and try not lose it, but it is impossible.

His piece is on Exodus International’s head queen, “professional former homosexual” Alan Chambers, and Alan’s bloviating about the exponential growth of his “ex-gay” organization. Wayne’s warning is that if Alan’s numbers are what they say they are — homos are fleeing the lifestyle to pray away the gay — that we need to mobilize pronto.

In 2003, Chambers claimed that there are “thousands of former homosexuals.” By 2004, he announced that he knew “tens of thousands of people whom have successfully changed.”

Last week, Chambers stunned the world when he boasted to The San Francisco Chronicle that there are “hundreds of thousands” of ex-gays. This must have been shocking news to the masses of gay people in San Francisco’s crowded Castro neighborhood, that didn’t know they were on the verge of extinction.

Folks, we need to put this mushrooming phenomenon at the top of the gay agenda. Even the success of Brokeback Mountain can’t halt the expansion of these free the fairies franchises. If we don’t stop Chambers by 2008 – a presidential election year – there will be millions of former homosexuals and most will vote Republican. And by the end of the decade, the number of ex-gays will look like a Bill Gates ATM receipt. Exodus might even have to get a sign, like McDonalds, so we can watch the numbers turn to keep track of the billions of transformed lives.

There’s much more fun to read. Wayne is the fabulous author of Anything But Straight, which took the lid off of the “ex-gay” movement.

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Pam Spaulding