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Alabama church fires set as 'a joke'

A joke, huh?

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. – Two college students arrested Wednesday in a string of nine rural Alabama church arsons told authorities that the first fires were set as “a joke” and later blazes were intended as a diversion, federal agents said.

A third college student was arrested later Wednesday in the serial arsons, according to WVTM-TV of Birmingham.

Benjamin Nathan Moseley and Russell Lee Debusk Jr., both students at Birmingham-Southern College, appeared in federal court Wednesday and were ordered held on church arson charges pending a hearing Friday.

Matthew Lee Cloyd, reportedly a student at the University of Alabama in Birmingham, was arrested midday, the WVTM reported.

The federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives made the Alabama church arson case a top priority as scores of agents joined state and local law officers in the probe.

Authorities analyzed tire tracks and traced the purchase of the tires to Cloyd.

There was no racial pattern — five of the churches had white congregations and five black. All were Baptist, the dominant faith in the region, and mostly in isolated country settings

Here’s a joke for you; it starts like this: “Three dumb-ass fresh meat college kids walk into a prison…”

Thank goodness they were caught and that no one was injured. Can we now put give a scolding wag of the finger to those Freepjects who guessed that it must be atheists or liberals or gays or gay liberal atheists who were setting the fires? Looks like it was just dumb old Southern bumpkins. I wonder who they voted for in the last election?

(I’m also reminded of Bill Maher’s New Rule: “If you don’t want to pay the taxes that pay for the fire department, you shouldn’t get to call the fire department when your church catches fire. Instead, pray for rain.” I myself wouldn’t go that far; after all, a burning church might injure innocent children or nearby buildings.)

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