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Adam's Wife: I should have to bear my rapist's baby

Andrea Graham, my anti-blogger’s wife, the one who complained the Wells Fargo “I AM” ad campaign was blasphemous, writes about the South Dakota abortion ban in all cases except when pregnancy threatens the woman’s life, even in cases of rape or incest. She’s not concerned about that, she’s more concerned that SD may be “jumping the gun”.

We’ve gone back and forth on one issue this week, but I believe that something needs to be said. Every legislator sitting in the South Dakota statehouse who voted “no” for the abortion ban is a BIGOT. Yes, a BIGOT. And if you’re against it, you’re also a bigot. I’d venture to say some of them are also fetusphobes, but BIGOT is a clearer way of putting it. A BIGOT is someone who discriminates because of race, gender or some other trait. By asserting that a group of people has rights that a different group of people will not be allowed, our legislators act discriminately, and I find it rephrehensible. When I look at their pictures, I see people who are just as disgusting as racists, Nazis and fascists. I see people without compassion, who don’t believe humans were created equal or that everyone should have the same rights as others. They’re BIGOTS, plain and simple. And if you agree with them, you’re a BIGOT, too.

Now, before you go off on me, I’m just trying to make a point (which would’ve been even more paralell if they’d voted down the ban.) I’m not sure the ban was a wise move. They’re jumping the gun and not waiting until we have a stronger majority on the Supreme court could end up backfiring. And, while I believe it’s immoral to punish a child for their father’s crimes, it’s not pragmatically wise to try to codify that into law when the majority feels being concieved by rape or incest makes one worthy of death.

And yes, I do feel abortion is a discriminatory practice. In many cases, in addition to saying human beings before certain stage of development do not have the same right to life we enjoy, it also is often carried out in a way that is both racist AND sexist. A true feminist values the rights of females in all stages of life.

And you just know I can’t leave something like that without dropping a comment:

Yes, of course. Women are just breeding recepticles. Procreation should be enforced at all costs, even in cases of rape or incest. Women who make the mistake of having sex, or being in places where men may rape them, or just being so darn cute Daddy just can’t keep his hands off their nubile teenage bodies, should be required to endanger their health and forced to submit to eighteen years of motherhood. Even rapists’ and pedophiles’ womb-babies deserve the right to live. If you were raped, hypothetically speaking, you would keep the baby and raise it as your own, looking at its cherubic face, so similar to the face of the evil monster who raped you, reminding you daily of the attack, because the Lord works in mysterious ways, and sometimes He’s so pressured to put a little soul in a human body that He just must compel the most heinous of sinners to attack you, hypothetically speaking, holding a knife to your throat to insure that a brand new child in His image be borne from your womb. It’s all a part of His plan.

So, Andrea, you consider that regardless of the stage of development, fetuses have the right to live. How far back does that go, anyway? When a fertilized egg attaches to the uterine wall, or when the egg is fertilized? By your logic, you have to go back to fertilization, and if so, you just may have just thrown away a human being during your last menstrual cycle (assuming you don’t use birth control and you and Adam are, you know, “doin’ it”).

Oh, and if you are using birth control (other than condoms), you’re potentially aborting fertilized eggs — human beings — by making your womb inhospitable to them. And so are millions of other women… so shouldn’t you guys be pushing for an end to birth control, too? Or would that not be “pragmatic”? I don’t know about you, but if someone were out there murdering infants, I wouldn’t give a darn about how “pragmatic” it might be to stop them from doing it.

Plus, I wonder why South Dakota made the crime of abortion only a Class 5 felony. Isn’t it premeditated murder, a Class 1 felony? Don’t you think it’s bigoted to punish murderers of the pre-born less than murderers of the born?

Wow. I don’t know which is more perplexing to me: anti-abortion women or Log Cabin Republicans.

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