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I guess I should let everyone in on my little secret.

I have been commissioned to write a book on blogging for a sub-major publishing house (Not Regnery. I said sub-major, not sub-human). Negotiations started several months ago, and today we finally dotted our i’s and crossed our tboggs and the deal is done. I’m quite excited. Here is what you can expect:

The book is tentatively called –

An Army of Wankers: How Blogging and Technology Empower Social Maladroits to Feign Expertise, Over-Simplify Complex Arguments, and Land Face Time on Reliable Sources.

In a wide-ranging survey employing very long words containg both vowels and consonants, in addition to Venn diagrams, scratch-and-sniff panels, knock-knock jokes, and pop-ups, I will explain:

How a call center manager from the midwest came to be widely quoted on matters involving geopolitics, media, and war, armed with only his encyclopedic knowledge of every Star Trek episode ever aired (including The Next Generation and Deep Space Nine).

How an aspiring young journalist became the spittle-flecked public face of a RAND analyst who is forbidden to leave the house due to his anger management problems.

The dark shame of a AEI resident scholar who leads a secret life that dare not speak its name. Either name.

Writer, house-husband, and Constitutional scholar. From elucidating the implicit war powers of the presidency to tips for vacuuming Cheerios from between the couch cushions; your one-stop Renaissance Man.

Cock-headed man-whore or cock-headed journalist-whore? You make the call.

How the freedom of the internet allows any American citizen, regardless of their ability to pass the LSAT or even spell ‘LSAT’, to be bored insensate by law professors with nothing to say but lots of bandwidth to say it on.

The birth of internet Randian softcore porn

How an easy listening-jazz guitarist with a soft spot for long bike rides, digital photographs of the sky, and genocide teamed up with a pee-stained former writer and convinced a Silicon Valley venture capitalist that it wasn’t too late to get in on the dot-com bust.

And finally, the death of meritocracy and its dubious rewards.

Look for your copy wherever imaginary boks are sold.

And support your independent bookseller.

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