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102 Irish priests suspected of abuse

Ka-ching! Papa Ratzi can’t do a damn thing to stop the bleeding caused by his ghastly cover-ups of the raping, molesting priests in the church.

Have the payouts topped a billion yet? The Ireland scandal involves more than 2,800 priests who have worked in the Dublin archdiocese. All those personnel records are being combed through in an investigation that involves at least 350 victims. (AP):

The Roman Catholic archdiocese of Dublin said Wednesday that 102 of its priests are suspected of sexually or physically abusing at least 350 children since 1940 – the biggest such admission to date in Ireland. The office of Archbishop Diarmuid Martin said it was publishing its findings ahead of this month’s expected formation of a government-appointed commission to investigate the history and handling of such abuse in Ireland.

…It found that eight priests in Dublin were convicted of abuse, while 32 priests have been sued for damages by 105 victims at a cost to the archdiocese of $7 million. That figure includes about $2 million in legal bills for both sides.

…But the report said costs were expected to increase significantly because 40 cases remained unsettled, while church authorities had positively identified at least 350 abuse victims and “a possible further 40 persons who may have been abused but who it is not yet possible to identify or trace.”

…Martin, a veteran Vatican diplomat appointed here in 2003, said he believed the archdiocese would have to sell off some of its properties to cover the mounting compensation bill. He called that a necessary sacrifice to right past wrongs, as much as was possible.

Thanks to Blender Laura for the pointer.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding