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 CNN is reporting that the Intelligence Committee has knuckled under to Bill Frist, shirked their responsibility for oversight, collaborated with the criminal Bush cabal and voted not to look into the illegal NSA wiretaps. Ed Henry says that they agreed to propose new legislation requiring a 45 day reauthorization cycle.

Proving once again — there is no such thing as a moderate Republican.

Our hopes for the immediate future now seem to lie with the Judiciary Committee. The Roots Project will be having an action later this week in Pennsylvania to put pressure on Arlen Specter so if you live in Pennsylvania or have some connection to it and would like to be involved in the action please send me your email here and I’ll add you to our contact/discussion list.

We’re also planning to do a little fundraising shortly to expand the Roots project and hire a full time person to oversee it. It’s an effective mechanism we are just beginning to fully exploit so keep the faith and pass the ammo.

Update: Josh of Thoughts From Kansas reports (via email) that Snowe, DeWine, Hagel were all on board.

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