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There is just no reasoning with these people

In my constant battle against the forces of the American Taliban, I sometimes wonder just what argument I can make to get these people to understand that we are a secular nation (albeit with a Christian majority), and only by remaining a secular nation can we hope to remain a cohesive Union, and also that the erosion of the wall between church and state hurts church much more than it hurts state.

Then I remember: there is no possible way to achieve this understanding. The very definition of “faith” is to accept dogma as truth without a shred of evidence; indeed, sometimes in the face of absolutely contradictory evidence. It took the Catholic church until the 20th century to apologize to Galileo for that “sun revolves around the Earth” controversy, so what hope do I have of changing a wingnut mind with my limited resources and short life span?

Evidence of this futility hit my computer today in the form of a post [UPDATE: a now mysteriously deleted post] from the wife of my anti-blogger, Adam Graham, and an e-mail I received from Princess Barbie Talibania. First, Adam’s wife’s message for today:

Move over, Yahoo…

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… now banks are wanting in on the blasphemous advertisement campaigns.

From the envelope of a mailer Wells Fargo sent me:

On the front, in a litle box:


On the back, in another little box:

Determined to better manage my finances online.

Don’t they know Jesus almost got stoned for his version?

“Before Abraham was–I AM!”

Of course this “blasphemy” (one of the three most ridiculous “crimes” humans have ever dreamed up) is because “I AM” is the name of the Hebrew God (Yahweh), so a bank can’t use that first-person singular pronoun in combination with the conjugation of the verb “to be” without offending God.

I couldn’t resist leaving a comment:

what I AM, and that’s all that I AM
I’m Popeye the Sailor man.


The other bit of wingnuttiness I received was an e-mail from the mailing list of Princess Barbie Talibania. Unfortunately I deleted it before I could copy the actual text, but the gist of it was her giddy celebration of South Dakota’s ban on all abortions, even in the case of rape or incest. Part of her spiel had something to do with “it’s great that the people of South Dakota as a state were rising up to call for an end to Roe v. Wade“, which caught me by surprise, because it was the legislature and governor of South Dakota that passed this odious bill, and polls routinely show that by a two-to-one margin, American people do not support overturning Roe. I imagine if you put the matter up for a vote, it would be difficult to get a majority to support the idea of forcing a brutalized rape victim to bear her rapist’s baby, or forcing a thirteen-year-old girl to bear her father’s / brother’s / uncle’s baby.

I would never, ever, ever wish for any woman to suffer the horror of a rape. But if such a thing were to happen to Barbie in some post-Roe no-abortions-unless-your-life-is-threatened future, and she were forced to carry her rapist’s baby to term and spend the next eighteen years caring for the child whose looks remind her daily of her assailant, the sheer irony might be too much for me to avoid the temptation of schadenfreude. Fortunately, I strive to actually be Christlike, so I’m disgusted that I’ve even written this paragraph.

I wonder, though, if she would actually go through with it? It’s easy to call for an end to Roe when it’s an abstract concept that only affects (in Barbie’s mind) morally bankrupt party sluts who can’t keep their legs closed and “chose” to become pregnant, but it’s a different can of wombs, er, worms, when it’s you facing that pregnancy and childbirth and eighteen years of motherhood, especially if it happened because of a brutal rape. Who wants to bet that our American Taliban Princess would keep the incident hush-hush and quickly take a trip to Canada for a little “rest and relaxation”?

Princess Talibania ends her screed by cheerleading the upcoming end of Roe and noting that up to nine other states also have Softballs for Scalito teed up in their legislature. She could care less if a few rape victims or childhood incest victims are forced to breed; it’s all about a political agenda for her. After all, if some scumbag rapes a woman or daddy rapes his teenage daughter, that’s just part of God’s Plan. The Lord works in mysterious ways — sometimes through rapists and pedophiles.

Some people accuse me of hyperbole when I say that our Christian fundamentalists are as dangerous as their Muslim fundamentalists. But al Qaeda only has the power to blow a relatively small number of us up every decade or so, while Princess Barbie Talibania and her ilk have the potential of subverting freedom and civil rights of all Americans for generations to come.

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