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* Both Doug Ireland and Facing South cover the passing on Monday of activist Anne Braden. Named to the Kentucky Civil Rights Hall of Fame, she and her husband, Carl fought for black integration and equality in the South, and in her later years, was committed to labor issues, environmental justice and gay and lesbian equality.

* Gay youth lobby at Capitol for school safety bills. of Fritz passed this news on from California, and said: “The anti-gay protestors mentioned in the article came off looking very bad. They looked like they were of the Fred Phelps ilk –with signs reading “Homosexuality is a sin” etc.”

* Catherine points to this awful news in the UK: A woman left infertile after cancer treatment cannot use her frozen embryos to have a baby, the European Court of Human Rights has ruled.

* The Rotting CryptkeeperTM gets spanked in Indiana. Hoosiers just passed a new law that makes disrupting funerals a felony. Blender Paul noted, “A while back I mentioned to you that the Phelps clan was biting off more than they could chew when the started the new tactic of protesting at the funerals of those military members killed in Iraq. I see that their chickens are coming home to roost.”

* The latest from MadKane: Only Bush Can Protect Us Some Say, and George Bush Keeps Demanding Our Trust.

* Conservatives Jews consider lifting gay ban on marriage, rabbis. This is big, and positive, news. The Committee on Jewish Law and Standards, a 25-member panel of rabbis and lay leaders, will convene next week in Maryland to revisit its 1992 consensus statement on homosexuality. Hat tip, Holly.

* Predatory payday lenders booted out of NC. The Bushies would call payday lending “providing a service” or an example of the joys of “free market enterprise.” Most low-wealth folks living hand-to-mouth would call them vampires, who charge in excess of 500% for a short term loan. These predatory lenders are finally being chased out of the Tar Heel State:

Attorney General Roy Cooper and consumer advocates declared the state’s 8 1/2-year-old experiment with payday lending over when three companies decided to stop offering the short-term, low-dollar loans in North Carolina.

…In 1997, the state began allowing payday loans. The law expired in 2001, but the largest lending chains linked up with out-of-state banks to keep offering the loans. But federal regulators frowned on the practice, and Cooper had vowed to fight payday lenders or close them down, in part leading to their withdrawal from the state.

…”It seems like they prey on those folks, on those that don’t have the best credit in the world, that don’t have the best education in the world,” said Lisa Engelkins of Winston-Salem, a single mother who paid $1,254 in fees on a $255 loan she couldn’t pay off.

* Blender Joseph Rainmound has a diary up on DKos, Gay Marriage: A Modest Proposal, that you should check out. His proposal?

The other day on another diary I had a short discussion with a man who believed that we should hold off on the “gay marriage issue” until the political climate was more appropriate. Democrats would lose more than they gained by pursuing this issue now.

That’s when I had my idea: a modest proposal for politicians to demonstrate support without having to actually say “I support these people.”

Get divorced.

That should elicit a few comments!

* Colorado’s Marilyn Musgrave Uses Soldiers as Political Props. This FMA broad is sickening. Hat tip, Eva.

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