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Mitt Romney — Catholic church should be able to nix adoptions by gays

Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney’s on the fast track (he thinks) for 2008, and his strategy is to mow down gays all along the way, kowtowing to the bigoted bishops who want to prevent gays from adopting.

Romney said he doesn’t have the power to unilaterally exempt Catholic Charities from the state’s anti-discrimination laws. But he said he wants to let Catholic agencies continue placing children with adoptive parents without violating the teachings of their faith.

“The church through its Catholic Charities provides an extraordinary service to the commonwealth by placing many special needs children every year in homes,” Romney told reporters. “That’s a service I hope we will continue to be able to avail ourselves of.” Romney did not elaborate on what options he is exploring.

… Seven members of Catholic Charities board stepped down last Wednesday in protest of the bishops’ stance. An eighth board member resigned on Thursday. The 42-member board had voted unanimously in December to continue considering gay households for adoptions.

…House Speaker Salvatore DiMasi said he supports the state’s anti-discrimination law, including the part allowing gay parents to adopt.

The state’s top priority should be placing children in loving and caring homes, regardless of adoptive parents race, ethnicity and sexual orientation,” DiMasi said last week.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding