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The man who ran the Mr. Hetero contest and the bible-beating, anti-gay freak in Massachusetts are whining because they had to foot the bill for security at their events — and the homos are to blame.

A pro-family activist says it’s outrageous that a pastor was charged thousands of dollars for a police detail to protect those attending a Christian event from homosexual activists who were demonstrating outside.

Last month Tom Crouse, a pastor in Worcester, Massachusetts, held a pro-family, Christian event that focused on God’s design of heterosexuality and featured a “Mr. Heterosexual” contest. However, various homosexual groups attempted to force the event to be cancelled. When those efforts failed, about 100 pro-homosexual activists congregated in the streets outside the facility where the event was held.

But prior to allowing the Christian rally to take place in historic Mechanics Hall, local law enforcement authorities demanded that Crouse pay $6,200 up front to cover the costs for a police detail, equipment that would be used to search the attendees, and training for staff to operate the equipment. In contrast, according to a Massachusetts-based pro-family group, on the evening of the rally, police permitted the pro-homosexual demonstrators — who had announced their intentions days beforehand — to protest without a permit, blocked traffic to allow the demonstration, and did not charge the demonstrators any money for a police detail.

The group Article 8 Alliance reports that those entering the rally in Mechanics Hall were subjected to “airport-style security searches and other things which no other event at that hall ever requires.” Also featured during the event was Jonathan Owens, a 22-year-old former homosexual who shared his testimony how a relationship with Jesus Christ had led out of that lifestyle.

Alliance president Brian Camenker says Christians throughout the nation should be outraged and concerned.

“What happened inside was so harmless that even the gay activist newspaper said they couldn’t understand why they considered it such a big deal — but they did,” he says. Camenker explains what he perceives to be those activists’ rationale. “They don’t want the message that you can leave homosexuality or any discussion that criticizes the homosexual lifestyle to be allowed, and especially from a Christian perspective. This drives them crazy.”

The “offensive” billboard that Camenker had removed by pressuring ClearChannel Communications last year. Camenker said: “You have two men embracing, wrapped in the American flag, advertising a porno website. How can you get more offensive than that?”

* Wingnuttery in Massachusetts

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