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Summing up the Freepi Oscar response

I don’t want to waste space on the dozens of really juvenile Freeper jokes about Brokeback Mountain being “rear-ended” for winning “only” three Oscars last night. I’ll just post these two that sum up the class level.

Actual Freeper Quotes™


Semen and feces did not win.
A (c)RAP song beat Dolly Parton.
George Clooney looks like a human raccoon.
John Stewart is less funny than Will Farrell. (Farrell is not funny at all).
The only people that care about the Oscars are the people that are in the Oscars.


“Hollywood” got cold feet. At the end of the day, the liberal Democrat vermin pushed the fudge packers of “Brokeback Mountain” overboard. Jon Stewart was an utterly complete failure as ahost and should be selling bagels in the Bronx, NY. I said the movie “Brokeback Mountain” will cause more damage to gays then it will benefit them. This fact is now coming into focus!!!

Most seemed to give a thumbs up for Crash as Best Picture, but way too many were upset that King Kong, of all things, wasn’t up for more awards(!?). And can you believe, almost 15 years after the release of JFK, the dolts over in FR start arguing about Oswald’s role in the assassination and Oliver Stone’s POV in the film? Geez.

The Blend Oscar thread is here (lots of comments!).

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Pam Spaulding