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Koufax Award voting is open

All the nominations are in, and folks can go over and cast their votes for the first round of this year’s Koufax Awards by Wampum, which honors the best of the progressive blogosphere.

You can vote for one nominee per category by commenting or sending an email. It would also be nice for folks to support Wampum’s efforts in its tip jar. Here you go:

Best Blog (non-professional) ***
Best Blog — Sponsored or Professional
Best Blog Community
Best Writing
Best New Blog
Most Deserving of Wider Recognition ***
Best Single Issue Blog ***
Best Post ***
Best Series ***
Best Expert Blog
Best Group Blog
Most Humorous Blog
Most Humorous Post
Best State or Local Blog ***
Best Commenter

*** – Pam’s House Blend is nominated in these categories.

About some of the Blend’s nominations: Best Single Issue Blog is a weird catch-all category, in lieu of a narrow subject definition like “LGBT”; the Best Post the nomination is for two posts: Skin and the Color of Money and Letter from Peter LaBarbera. In the Best Series category there are two nods, one for coverage of “Freeper reaction to each new breaking Bush administration scandal” and the blog’s series on homophobic black pastors. I’m not sure how or why the Blend garnered the Best State or Local Blog nod.

Big Brass Blog is nominated in Best Blog Community

Pandagon is up for Best Group Blog (Amanda is also up for best post and best writing).

A note from Dwight of Wampum.

Congratulations to all those who received nominations. You have been recognized by your readers and peers for all of your great work. Providing the means to express our thanks is the central point of the Koufax Awards. Please try to take the remainder of the process in that spirit. The real winners are the readers, the lefty blogging community, and all nominees. The only losers are those who take the awards too seriously.

As for the procedures moving forward, I have opened comments on all of the nominating posts. I will leave them open for a few days of voting. Once we close them again, MB and I will tally the votes in each category to arrive at a list of 6-10 semi-finalists in each category. We will post those lists for final voting.

Many thanks to all who nominated the Blend. It truly is an honor to make the first cut with so many fine lefty blogs out there.

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Pam Spaulding