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Wingers mewling over Oscars

The awards haven’t even been handed out yet, but the bible bleaters are already whining in advance, hoping to explain away the slate of homo-related nominees and assuming some movie they find objectionable will win in some category. At this point for Little Gary Bauer, you can toss leftist propaganda onto that list as well.

According to a pro-family activist, Hollywood’s agenda will be on display like never before at this year’s Academy Awards ceremony. Campaign for Working Families director Gary Bauer says this year’s Oscar nominees for Best Picture are controversial message movies that reveal the entertainment industry’s true objectives.

Among this year’s nominees, Bauer observes, are two pro-homosexual movies (Brokeback Mountain and Capote), one that glorifies the watchdog media (Good Night, and Good Luck), another that deals with racism (Crash), and another about religious extremism (Munich). While these films have frequently been touted as “critically acclaimed,” he points out that no group of five movies since 1986 has earned less revenue than these.

All of a sudden, Little Gary feels it’s all about box office. Thank god films are not made strictly on the box office potential. One of the best films that I saw last year was Gregg Araki’s disturbing Mysterious Skin, which never had a wide release. Is Gary saying small, independent films shouldn’t be made — or lauded for succeeding — because the content may not be his cup of tea?

As Little Gary sees it, the noms are just part of a larger Hollywood conspiracy…

Some analysts are saying the movies vying for top honors at the Oscars this year could be the least-viewed movies in Academy history. Bauer agrees; however, he believes money is not what matters most to many Hollywood executives. In fact, he adds, “I think the Academy Award nominations were determined long before some of these movies ever made it to the big screen.”

The AmTaliban must do their best to negate the very notion that films can and do influence people, and that it’s possible that the success of Brokeback Mountain, Transamerica or even Capote will spur people to think about and discuss homosexuality, geez, even sexuality at all, and gain a better understanding of the world and people around them.

Christian film reviewer Ted Baehr, publisher of the pro-family resource, agrees that much of Hollywood’s focus has shifted from providing entertainment to pushing ideologies. He recently told Associated Press that the films nominated for this year’s Best Picture Oscar have almost turned this Sunday’s Academy Awards into “the irrelevant awards.”

Baehr says these movies, besides having the lowest combined box office of any set of top film nominees in 20 years, are “a very obscure group” of films that promote extreme or anti-family ideologies. “Most of them are pushing the envelope – they’re anti-Israel, anti-Christian, pro-homosexual,” he adds.

The spin is to say any win has no meaning. Of course we all know that if The Chronicles of Narnia was nominated and won Best Picture, you wouldn’t be reading this nonsense from Little Gary or Baehr about a Hollywood Homosexual AgendaTM.

NY Times review of Mysterious Skin

Trailer for the film


Anyone watching the Oscars tonight? At a party, or home with a bowl of popcorn?

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