Aiiieee! The homefires! They burn….

Blogging was, well, almost non-existent his weekend as the lissome and foxy-fine mrs tbogg was in town after a two week absence which meant that we spent the weekend hitting it discussing our marital values and getting nasty forging a loving bond that not even God, if He exisited or cared or even bothered to call once in awhile, could tear asunder. Among the topics discussed were her upcoming birthday, the lovely and talented Casey’s progress in school, and having Beckham’s nuts cut off. Later, cake was served.

In addition, she was in town for….

Soccer. When we last left the lovely and talented Casey’s high school soccer team (with the L&T Casey riding the bench with a blown ACL) they were wrapping up their seventeenth league title (including their seventh straight) and entering the CIF (California InterScholastic Federation) championships yet again. Long story, short attention span: they made the finals for the seventeenth consecutive year and proceeded to win last night 5-2 giving the group they call the Fab Five (five seniors who started all four years and have all accepted Division 1 scholarships) their third county title. Final stats:

Record: 23-3-3
Goals scored: 90
Goals Against: 20

For the record, the ’95 team went 29-1-1 and only allowed 7 goals. That team featured All-American and National Team member Mandy Clemens.

Anyway, we look forward to a return of a healthy and talented Casey next year and a reload of players from the JV team that allowed only two goals in 12 league games.

Now…on to important matters like links and shit.

I’m Not One To Blog about Academy Award nominee Michelle Williams who seems to have forgotten that Jesus is her only co-star.

David sends me this one about the biggest scam since Milli Vanilli:

Nine former fans of AMERICAN IDOL star CLAY AIKEN are forging ahead with threats to sue his record label bosses for false advertising.

The one-time devotees have been shocked by recent US tabloid claims the wholesome pop singer is gay and they’ve filed a Federal Trade Commission complain against executives at RCA and Sony/BMG, alleging they were duped in marketing and promotional campaigns.

The nine-strong group, listing themselves as “aggrieved consumers” SUSAN J, PATRICIA A, JACQUELYN C, KAREN G, PHYLLIS S, CAROL M, KAREN G, KIM M and LINDA F, hail from all over America.

They allege that employees of RCA, Sony/BMG, and Aiken himself “engaged in collusion to prevent public disclosures they believed might be harmful to their product”.

The angry ladies go on to state, “This is tantamount to a manufacturer concealing information about a defective product. Therefore these actions were both unfair and deceptive to consumers.”

If the Fanilows can live with it, they can live with it.

…and lastly, the Koufaxes are up. Frequent readers will remember that fateful year when I won and I gave them all rhinoplasty gift certificates. This year I’ve got some boob job coupons burning a hole in my pocket, so vote accordingly.

(Added): Because it came up in comments. Yes. Beckham is going to suffer the unkindest cut. He is, I’m sure you’ll be surprised, a bit of a bully at the dog park and since we have no plans to breed him (you can thank me now, future) we felt is was best to have it done. Weird note: the late great Cooder was put down on St Patricks day nine years ago because of testicular cancer. Beckham will be losing his package on…St. Patricks Day. Green beer and neuticals for everyone!

His loss will be my wealth-of-blog-posts gain…

(edited for clarity…if you can believe it)

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