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As we continue the campaign to remind everyone how John McCain has thoroughly degraded himself, tossing a formidable surface political reputation as a war hero down the rat hole by humping the man who basically cut off his balls in South Carolina in 2000, Kevin Drum presents more evidence of the level of toolery we’re talking about. McCain’s anti-torture bill has no teeth, but gives him enough cover with the sheeple to look like he’s really taking on his master. Laughable. Drum:

I have a lot of reasons for wishing that liberals would stop falling for McCain’s “straight talk” schtick, and this is one of them: even on the issues where he’s one of the good guys, he caves in too often to have much of an impact. His ambition to be president is palpable in everything he does, and it’s what’s responsible for his routine compromises on issues he supposedly considers matters of honor, his cozying up to George Bush whenever it’s politically convenient, and his bizarre recent temper tantrum against Barack Obama. He’s certainly mastered the art ofsounding reasonable, but it’s only an inch deep. Underneath, he’s just a standard issue right wing politician. Caveat emptor.

Tool-a-rama. Shakes Sis reminds us of some “greatest hits” of McCain, including these gems:

On McCain’s slavish devotion to Dear Leader: [P]erhaps McCain is actually a Real Doll, as it occurs to me that the owners of Real Dolls and the Bush administration have approximately the same needs—loyalty, compliance, someone who looks real enough but doesn’t ask too many questions, a realistic body with no brain to help convey one’s basest urges. And I don’t think McCain is the only Real Doll floating around the Beltway. He’s certainly not the only GOP hack willing to get repeatedly fucked while never saying a word.

McCain and Protect Marriage Arizona chair Lynn Stanley smile with glee in support of the petitions in support of the gay-bashing amendment last August.

On McCain’s endorsement of the Protect Arizona Marriage Amendment: If that picture of Douche McCain with his arms wrapped around Dear Leader, clinging to him like shit to a shoe tread and longing, so desperately longing, to be cradled with pure, unsullied manlove, isn’t enough to make you projectile vomit your entire intestinal track, this ought to do the trick—brave maverick McCain, after opposing the Federal Marriage Amendment seeking to ban gay marriage, has pulled the old switcheroo and endorsed the Protect Marriage Arizona Amendment. …McCain’s opposition to the FMA was based not on any love he had for the LGBT community, but because he felt it was “antithetical in every way to the core philosophy of Republicans…[and] usurps from the states a fundamental authority they have always possessed and imposes a federal remedy for a problem that most states do not believe confronts them.” …But now, just over a year later, his home state has decided it needs to confront this “problem,” and so he’s happy to throw gays to his sun-roasted wingnut constituents for their frenzied feral bacchanal. Not a trace of irony, nor a moment’s hesitation, nor the merest, passing flicker of recognition is to be found in his countenance as he plows forward with an endorsement that suggests even if a national marriage amendment isn’t part of the core philosophy of Republicans, bigotry and hatred are.

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