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Seven board members of Catholic Charities resign over gay adoption ban

Sanity and fairness flourishes as the gay adoption issue butts up against bigoted bishops in Massachusetts. They believe that there should be an exemption for its adoption entity from the state’s antidiscrimination laws based on “religious freedom” to prevent gays from adopting. What hangs in the balance is the fact that if Catholic Charities does not receive that exemption, its entire adoption license is in jeopardy — hurting even more children in need of placement into loving homes.

Seven members of the board of Catholic Charities of Boston resigned Wednesday to protest bishops’ effort to prohibit same-sex couples from adopting from Catholic social service agencies.

We “cannot participate in an effort to pursue legal permission to discriminate against Massachusetts citizens who want to play their part in building strong families,” the seven members said in a written statement.

Peter Meade, executive vice president of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts and chairman until last month of the Catholic Charities board, believes the bishops’ position on gay adoptions will alienate Catholics in the state and reduce donations.

Meade said the bishops are sending an unfair message to the 13 gay couples who have already adopted through Catholic Charities. “Does this new policy suddenly render the love and care they have given their children worthless? Of course not,” he told the Boston Globe.

The board members taking the stand for fairness: Geri Denterlein, president of Denterlein Worldwide Public Affairs; Donna Gittens, chief executive officer of Causemedia; Paul LaCamera, general manager of The WBUR Group; Brian Leary, a former television reporter and partner at Gadsby Hannah; Colette Phillips, president of Colette Phillips Communications; and Micho Spring, chairman of Weber Shandwick New England.

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