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Legal-eagle wingers go after Governor's School of North Carolina

The Alliance Defense Fund (ADF) is pressuring the Governor’s School of North Carolina to drop a course it perceives as “homosexual advocacy,” saying the class violates state and federal law. See my earlier post on the initial dustup, Dad Says His Son ‘Damaged’ by Homosexual Indoctrination at State-Sponsored Program.

The Alliance Defense Fund (ADF) has sent a letter to North Carolina school officials, demanding they stop offering “The New Gay Teenager,” a seminar presented to elite high school scholars last summer at the North Carolina Governor’s School facility in Winston-Salem, known as Governor’s School West or GSW. Some parents claim the two instructors who led the seminar encouraged students to question Bible passages condemning homosexuality.

ADF attorney Mike Johnson says only the State Board of Education has the authority to approve and develop courses on human sexuality for use in North Carolina’s schools. “Before any course offering can delve into such subjects, it has to pass a pretty rigorous process of approval and even input and commentary on behalf of parents,” he says, “and of course they’ve got to authorize their students to participate. None of that happened in this case.”

Johnson also believes the GSW “New Gay Teenager” seminar, as presented, may have violated the Constitution of the United States by demonstrating antagonistic attitudes toward religious beliefs opposing homosexual behavior. “From what we know of what took place in this seminar and potentially in other seminars involved with the Governor’s School there,” he notes, “they encourage students to question their religious faith. And, in some cases, instructors even indicated an outright hostility towards religious beliefs and traditions.”

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