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Jebbie-endorsed night at the movies

With all the complaints about the lack of family entertainment and objection to films like Brokeback Mountain, I wonder how many bible beaters will be heading out to see this film and hailing it as something everyone needs to see. I’m sure it will be shown in churches everywhere. The filmmaker is a producer with Disney’s Buena Vista Home Entertainment.

From Hollywood filmmaker Jonathan Flora comes a gripping and emotionally charged thriller about partial-birth abortion. Set as a courtroom drama and titled A Distant Thunder, the 35-minute film enters the desperate mind of pro-choice prosecutor Ann Brown (played by Flora’s wife, Deborah) who takes on a partial-birth abortion case, which proves to challenge everything she believes to be true.

The deeper she investigates the case the more she is tormented by evil delusions that are both unnerving and foreboding. Terrifying secrets are exposed that lead to a shocking twist in which the unforeseeable, yet provocative, truth is revealed.

Viewers are likely to be left speechless as the credits roll causing them to reflect on the harsh reality of partial-birth abortion, also known by its medical term “dilation and extraction” or “D&X.;”

..Although not created or touted as a Christian film, the message spoken through the drama pricks the core of God’s plan for human existence and depicts the void that results from a life not lived.

We should all remember one line from the film: ‘Whether we live 90 years or 90 seconds, there’s a part of us that goes on forever,'” said Florida Governor Jeb Bush. “This timely film is a call to action to defend the lives of soon-to-be-born children who are inhumanely denied their right to life.”

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding