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Falwell bootlicker's intimidation maneuver

The used-gays, their gay-sex-obsessed enablers, and their legal goons meet in an intense closed-door session to strategize combatting parody attacks.

Mike Tidmus is on fire today. He lets loose on the latest bullsh*t intimidation by the bible-beating set over the parodies of “ex-gay” billboards for sideshow tours like Love Won Out/Exodus, or winger book covers and graphics.

Matt Staver, Falwell’s supplicant at Liberty Counsel, has been on the email warpath. Mike calls it out.

It’s not like any of us parodists have insulted the Prophet SpongeDob! Well, I guess I have here and there. They’ve brought in Reverend Jerry Falwell’s big legal guns. That would be the same Jerry Falwell

I satirized two X-masses ago, when Reverend Tinky-Killer threatened to raise a mighty army of christer lawyers to combat the imaginary War against X-mas.

I guess Reverend Jer-Jer’s religious reich, legal shock troops are itching for a fight, because attorney Matt D Staver, the big cheese at Liberty Counsel, has slapped Ex-Gay Watch and Justinsomnia with cease-and-desist orders over a very clever parody of an Exodus billboard. But, by now, ten thousand GLBT bloggers have grabbed Justin’s graphic and plastered it all over the internets.

I guess their strategy is something like : If you can’t prey the gay completely away, litigate away your critics, or at least rattle your christer light sabres and completely ignore Title 17 Fair Use.

There’s much more, including a spew-worthy graphic on Staver and the gay penguins, over at Mike’s pad.

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