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Chicago neighborhood rejects Gay Games rowing event

How on earth is a rowing event part of the Homosexual AgendaTM? Ask some of the bigots on the Crystal Lake Park District board in Chicago, where the 2006 Gay Games wanted to hold the rowing competition. As usual, the wingers came out of the woodwork with outlandish statements. (ChiTrib):

With one commissioner on vacation, the board voted 2-2 on allowing the rowing event to be held on the lake for which the city is named. The event needed three votes in favor to be approved.

Commissioner David Phelps, who joined Scott Breeden in opposition, said he believes that the Gay Games are more about politics than athletics. “I do not believe the Crystal Lake Park District should be a vehicle for the promotion of an agenda,” he said.

Tracy Baim, co-vice chairwoman of the Gay Games board of directors, said she was not surprised, adding: “It’s upsetting that homophobia still lives.”

…Games organizers are now looking at other possibilities in the Chicago area for the rowing event. Crystal Lake was their first choice.

…Crystal Lake resident Scott Spencer told the Park Board that homosexuality is “contrary and detrimental” to traditional family values. Saying that view doesn’t make him a bigot, he added: “Let me point out what my prejudice is toward: my wife, my children, my grandchildren and the sanctity of the home.”

Let’s see, last time I looked, you really couldn’t find a way to row a boat in a house. Does Mr. Spencer have a large pool that’s up for grabs?

Rev. Dan Larson of Congregational Unitarian Church in Woodstock spoke in support of allowing the Games’ rowing event to be held. “Everyone has a right to row their boat,” he said.

Baim said the announcement of Crystal Lake as a possible location churned up more opposition than she expected. “The farther you go from the city of Chicago, the more controversial it becomes,” Baim said before the board meeting.

Baim said fliers had appeared around Crystal Lake warning of the potential for “inappropriate and lewd behaviors” at the rowing competition.

Take a guess — do you think Gay Games foe Peter Labarbera’s friends might have “spread the word?”

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