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Adam to Michelle Williams: Stop Playing Godless Harlots!

My anti-blogger, Adam Graham, in this photographic approximation, is shocked that a Christian School girl would grow up to play a married woman in “Brokeback Mountain”

My anti-blogger, Adam, just tackled the San Diego Sante Fe Christian School / Michelle Williams story that Pam blogged about earlier. To recap:

Carla Williams is ecstatic about her daughter’s success: “She’s sweet, she has a heart, I’m so proud of her.”

Not so proud is Santa Fe Christian headmaster Jim Hopson. “We don’t want to have anything to do with her in relation to that movie,” said Hopson, who turned down a request from a Union-Tribune reporter to visit the school and chat with students about the movies and one of their own being up for an Academy Award.

“Michelle doesn’t represent the values of this institution. We would not approve of her movies and TV shows (including the teen drama “Dawson’s Creek”). We’d not like to be tied to ‘Brokeback Mountain.’

“I hope we offered her something in life. But she made the kinds of choices of which we wouldn’t approve. ‘Brokeback Mountain’ basically promotes a lifestyle we don’t promote. It’s not the word of God.”

Adam goes on to write:

Now, Pam Spaulding is angry about this, alleging its “homo bigotry by association.” Not exactly, Michelle has never played many virtuous roles. As she said of herself:

The actress told one interviewer, “My parents are so proud. I did a movie called ‘Dick.’ I got naked on stage (in an off-Broadway show). I did this HBO thing where I’m a lesbian. I mean, good God, I’m just causing shame to my household.”

Add to that premarital sex [gasp!] and an out of wedlock child in the process [slut!] and the school’s reason for disappointment becomes obvious. Christian School teachers, administrators who dream of their schools producing people who will change the world, and make an impact for Christ.

What’s happened with Michelle is a monumental waste. She’s become just another part of the problem. Another actress spewing forth cultural sewage and degrading herself for the camera and the big bucks.

There’s a lesson in here for Christian parents. The mother’s not ashamed or at all embarassed and has no problem with the roles her daughter plays on the screen. She got what she wanted, her daughter is a successful and famous actress. Never mind, if she’s contributing the breakdown of our culture with shows like Dawson’s Creek.

Yes, “Dawson’s Creek”, that vital cog in the breakdown of our culture. Nevermind your president torturing innocent people, bombing innocent children, lying to and spying on the American people, bankrupting the treasury, and getting DUIs, selling weed, and snortin’ blow as a young man. After all, Bush is a man who is changing the world and making an impact for Christ. Besides, we all know that kids learn their morality from the personal lives of actresses and the exploits of their fictional characters on episodic melodramas, not what their established leaders do.

The woman is an actress. Not every actress has to be Lisa Whelchel. Otherwise, who are you going to get to play all the less-than-Christlike figures in plays, TV, and movies? Or, are you advocating that all dramatic productions must be G-rated Mister-Rogers-like fluff?

Would the school have a problem if Williams played, say, Eva Braun? There’s a part that glorifies good ol’ fashioned Christian values (“Gott mit uns”, after all). Who’s going to play that filthy whore Mary Magdelene in the upcoming sequel “Passion of the Christ II: Electric Boogaloo”? What if Williams got the lead in “The Laura Bush Story”, will that corrupt our culture by telling kids it’s okay to run a stop sign while driving and crash into another car, killing your boyfriend?

As for the out-of-wedlock child (c’mon, Adam, say it: “bastard child”), do we really want to go down the “out-of-wedlock” path with respect to the fine cadre of Christian leaders? Do you suppose, for example, that Santa Fe Christian School would be proud of Jimmy Swaggart, had he matriculated there? How about Jim Bakker? How about any number of fine Christian role models I could pull from the Conservative Values Monitor, if only I had it up and running at the moment?

Somebody once said, “judge not, lest ye be judged,” but damned if I can remember the name…

P.S. The movie called “Dick” was about two young girls who wander off of a White House tour and meet President Nixon. It’s a comedy where the two teenagers turn out to be “Deep Throat”, which, now that I think of it, is the title of another movie, but Michelle Williams wasn’t in that one. But it was rated PG-13 for sex-related humor, drug content and language, and it does have a titillating title, so I can see why her family should be ashamed. (By the way, Williams was being facetious in that interview.)

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