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Petition seeks to revoke ‘Paradise Now’ nod
Claim the film glorifies Palestinian suicide bombers

A petition claiming that the movie “Paradise Now” glorifies Palestinian suicide bombers and asking for its removal from Oscar consideration was delivered Friday to the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences — two days before the Academy Awards.

The petition, carrying more than 36,000 signatures garnered online, was presented at the academy’s Beverly Hills headquarters by Arab-American peace activist Nonie Darwish.

Darwish said “Paradise Now” “did not show the evils of terrorism enough.”

“Any one of us could be a victim of terror at any time,” she said. “Islamic terror has become an epidemic. We don’t need to understand it. We don’t need to excuse it…. No more. We need to end it.”

Academy spokesman John Pavlik declined to comment on the petition and said he was unsure if officials would examine it.

However, he was clear about whether the nomination of “Paradise Now” would be withdrawn.

“Not gonna happen,” Pavlik said. “It would be physically impossible to happen between now and Sunday and, beyond that, we’re not going to disqualify films because some people don’t like the content.”

“Paradise Now” tells the fictional story of two young mechanics from the West Bank town of Nablus sent to carry out a double suicide bombing in Tel Aviv. The film won a Golden Globe Award in January and is nominated for an Oscar for best foreign film.

I see a little well-timed manufactured outrage at a time when Americans are losing interest in the Clash of Civilizations and who are aren’t exactly Batshit Bonkers about Muslims!Muslims!Muslims!* at the gate. Of course the timing on Friday before the Academy Awards is a story unto itself in that there is no way that anything was ever going to come of their complaint had they done this, say, a month ago and we would have had time to dismiss them for the cranks that they are.

As for 36,000 signatures collected online: big fucking deal. I could get more than that asking the government to crucify Scott Stapp.


*A quick tour around the Malkin Swamp would seem that her use of the term “unhinged” is starting to lose it’s cachet. See: Jimmy Walker/dy-no-mite!

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