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* Why is a Presbyterian minister in San Francisco being put on trial for marrying a gay couple? (h/t Holly)

* And bloggrrrl Ms. Julien says this regarding the IRS sending out warnings that gays and lesbians married in Massachusetts (and elsewhere where it is legal) that they cannot file joint tax returns: “And THIS is why H Clinton should get an FU the size of the universe.” It just underscores why federal recognition, which covers those 1000+ federal rights that convey with marriage, is a real issue — a 2004 study shows that gay families pay on average higher taxes and receive fewer benefits.

* Action alert in response to the horror going on in South Dakota, which is ready to outlaw access to abortion. Visit Stop Family Violence to send a fax to Governor Rounds urging him to veto this sick legislation, which can be done from the site. Also at the SFV web site, you can read personal stories of women victimized by rape or incest. The State of South Dakota wants forced childbirth (or coat hangers) to be the law of the land.

* And Mississippi wants to follow in South Dakota’s shoes. It’s House Public Health Committee approved the bill, would allow abortion only to save the pregnant woman’s life — no exception in cases of rape or incest. It now goes to the full House, and then to the Senate.

* The mountain that Laurel Hester climbed for LGBT citizens is measured by Nancy Goldstein in her Raw Story column.

Hester’s story needs to be told because she’s an American hero. But it also needs to be told because most Americans, gay and straight, think that whether or not LGBT people get to visit their partners in the hospital, or inherit their partner’s benefits and property, is just a matter of whether you have nice folks in charge of the decision-making process. It’s not. In 99% of this country, the law does not recognize any kind of relationship between two people of the same sex and affords them no legal rights.

And if the religious right in this country get what they want on this issue in the long run, queer people will forever continue to die terrible deaths: without the rewards of the work we have spent our lives doing, and without the assurance that our loved ones will be provided for once we’re gone.

* Ken Blackwell — enabling identity thieves everywhere by publishing Social Security numbers of Ohio citizens on the Secretary of State web site.

* Gay visibility in Alabama: the first Birmingham Shout gay and lesbian film festival will take place April 28-29. (h/t Kathy)

* Eva says about Wisconsin Marriage Defenders: “They seem more unhinged than Michele Bachmann if that’s possible.”

* Paul says he spewed his Pam’s House Blend roast when he read this headline “Bush Confident Bin Laden Will Be Captured.” Indeed. I’ll fill your cup with some fresh brew, friend.


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