Pre-Friday Random Ten

you’re the one thing I believe in
and I’ll get my way or
I’m going to kill you – BJ Massacre
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Blogger is being poopy so lets get through this fast.

April Skies – Jesus and Mary Chain
Oh Word? – The Beastie Boys
Wisdom – The Brian Jonestown Massacre
Poor Man’s Shangri-La – Ry Cooder
Last Train To Clarksville – Cassandra Wilson
Stupidity Tries – Elliott Smith
American Guns – The Transplants
Candy – Morphine
Hand In Glove – The Smiths
O-O-H Child – The Posies

Lest I forget, thanks to Boston Matt for the Iron & Wine CD, and I’m glad you got to see Matt Pond PA live. Pond will be in San Diego next Tuesday night at the Epicentre. 10 bucks, such a deal…

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