A scratch behind the ear. A pat on the head.

To show my appreciation for this JPod post,

All I can say is this. Witness is a genuinely great book, one of the most important pieces of American writing in the 20th century. Atlas Shrugged is a book about how some loser with a dead-end job is actually a GENIUS who REFUSES to GIVE lesser mortals the benefit of his greatness and so hangs out doing nothing with his life until he can go to someplace hidden behind a man-made cloud in Colorado and LIVE WITH OTHER GENIUSES! And somebody wants to build a really fast train. It’s okay to think Atlas Shrugged is the greatest book you’ve ever read until you’re 18. Then you should stop.

…I will not post the picture of the podman in the pool for the rest of the month of March.

I’m sure you’ll appreciate that too.

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