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Why does the Preznit want to sell off our national forests?

Just one example: almost 10,000 acres of North Carolina Land will be sold off in the Croatan, Uwharrie, Pigsah, and Nantahala Forests. (N&O;):

The U.S. Forest Service says the sales are needed to pay for rural roads and schools, expenses that have been covered by selling timber from federal land. But it’s not the reliable source of revenue schools need. Restrictions on logging have reduced those payments in recent years, and they’ll dry up altogether later this year when the 2000 law they were based on is set to expire.

Yet selling parcels of forest land, ranging in size from less than an acre to more than 1,000 acres, to meet ongoing expenses can only be a short-lived strategy. Those parcels are sold once, while the students keep coming.

There is a 30-day period for citizen response.

BlueNC members have been posting on this, including Twigs and Seeds, Scrutiny Hooligans, and WataugaWatch.

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