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* Barry Bonds shouldn’t do drag. He’s supposed to be Paula Abdul in this pic. Fritz, the sadist, sent this one over.

* Stop the deportation of a gay Iranian from the Netherlands (via PageOneQ). Doug Ireland’s on the story of Saba Rawi, a 30-year-old gay Iranian, who faces imminent deportation. If the Dutch government sends him back to Iran, he will face arrest, prison, and, as we have seen, execution is on the table as well. Doug’s action item:

We also ask our readers to take five minutes to phone, fax, e-mail, or write immediately on Saba’s behalf to H.E. Boudewijn J. van Eenennaam, Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, at The Royal Netherlands Embassy, 4200 Linnean Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20008. The phone number is 202-244-5300; the fax number is 202-362-3430. The ambassador can be reached via e-mail at

* Ban GOP Marriage. That’s what Jon at the Pensito Review says, in light of Ohio Democratic state Senator Robert Hagan’s proposal to ban Republican adoption last week.

Over half of GOP marriages in the United States end in divorce. Half! That could be million of marriages destroyed by Republicans every year. (By contrast, just an estimated dozen or so gay marriages end in divorce.)

The main threat to the institution of marriage comes from the political right because so many GOP men and women cheat on their partners and have diseases. They are also prone to alcoholism and often die young.

Fighting GOP marriage is first and foremost a moral issue. Adultery is the leading cause of divorce in mixed gender marriage. The Bible says, “Thou shalt not commit adultery.” It’s one of the Big Ten, an automatic ticket to hell.

Please call or write your representatives and tell them that this country needs a constitutional amendment to ban GOP marriage to save America from this iniquity.

* Pay gap for women across the pond. Blender Catharine sent this BBC story link in. Of all the states in the EU, the United Kingdom has the worst pay discrepancies between men and women — the latter earns 17% less than the average man in the same job.

* The Oklahoma City-County library system decides to segregate the “gay” books in their collections, spurred on by the innocent book, King and King and Heather Has Two Mommies. So now books with gay themes are going to be shuttled over to a special “parenting section” where child abuse and drug abuse will be relegated. Boozhy commented on this one.

* King Cranky is Royally Kranked at the Chimperor, calling attention to statements made by Dear Leader over port security around the time of Katrina and now, related to the groundwork laid for the Dubai Ports World.

* Gary at American Agenda, has been working hard getting the word out about the March for Marriage Equality in Pennsylvania on March 14th. It’s being coordinated by the The Center for Lesbian and Gay Civil Rights and the Value All Families Coalition — it will be held in Harrisburg.

* The state of marriage-related news, from recent articles:
Wisconsin puts an amendment on the ballot in November. Another hate amendment heads for the voters, as the state Assembly cleared it, 62-to-31. Mike Jensen at The Big Gay Picture comments on the repercussions Wisconsin voters should consider before passing this bad amendment, which bans civil unions and is so vague that it can be interpreted to ban private companies from offering domestic partner benefits.

Colorado domestic partner bill in committee limbo. The Dobson-approved bill that would extend some “reciprocal benefits” to those who cannot marry (siblings, roommates — and gays) is stalled in committee.

Maryland wingers push again for marriage amendment. These roaches are persistent, aren’t they? After a first draft failed, the GOP tries again, this time with a bill that doesn’t block civil unions. The Democratic House Speaker thinks this will fail as well.

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