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LaBarbera goes after Illinois gubernatorial candidate

Former Illinois GOP Party Chairman and State Treasurer Judy Baar Topinka is running for governor, and apparently the winger faction of the party is really unhappy with her attitude towards the homos. She’s actually attended Pride parades, posed with gay citizens and well, that’s about all that it takes in the eyes of the bible-beaters to be labeled “Judy Baar Topinka: Pro-Homosexual Activist.

Enter our friend Peter LaBarbara, of the Illinois Family Institute. He’s started up an anti-Topinka web site, aptly titled, which goes full-out in proclaiming that she is a shining beacon of the “Homosexual AgendaTM. From winger Matt Barber’s commentary in the Post-Chronicle. : provides must-see video of Judy Baar Topinka’s annual participation in the Chicago “gay-pride” parade. By virtue of her active participation in the parade, one can only conclude that Topinka endorses its cause and message. This parade features nudity and lewd public displays – even though young children march in the parade and attend as observers. Additionally, it provides facts relative to Topinka’s pro-homosexual activism, and her diversion as state treasurer, of $10 million in state taxpayer dollars to build a “gay” community center in Chicago.

Oh, did I tell you that that her opponent Republican gubernatorial candidate Jim Oberweis is trying to stay under the radar on this, but J. Matt Barber works for the Oberweis campaign?

Oberweis campaign manager Joe Wiegand said Wednesday that Barber had asked permission to let people know about the Web site, something that Wiegand said he felt “was appropriate for Matt to do.”

“I’m satisfied he did so in an honest and accurate way,” Wiegand said of Barber, who works as DuPage County campaign coordinator. Wiegand said both he and Oberweis had seen the Web site, which calls Topinka “a pro-homosexual activist.”

Back to that community center, the Center on Halsted. It provides, among other things, resources for questioning teens, free and confidential AIDS testing, counseling on STD/HIV prevention, you know the drill.

Peter cannot contain himself as he came across a link that’s on the center’s web site. He’s practically foaming at the mouth.

The Center’s website links to (and therefore promotes) Chicago’s “Leather Archives and Museum (LA&M;)” in its “Community Resources” section. LA&M; proudly displays images and photographs of men and women engaging in various perverse and aberrant homosexual acts that decency dictates not be described on LA&M; features a painting by John Larsen titled “The Last Supper, a Gay Perspective.”

The painting depicts Christ and the twelve disciples as leather clad homosexuals drinking alcohol (presumably in a “gay” bar). Judas is seen “flipping” Christ “the bird.” Despite this open mocking of Christianity, the Center on Halsted maintains its link to the Leather Archives (because this perverse “museum” is a part of Chicago’s “gay” community).

Jeebus H. Christ, this is over the top. Has Peter and his “investigative team” been in to check out the offerings at the Leather Archives? Peter has gone undercover more than once to do research, including a visit to a Chicago bathhouse to see “a perversion center where men engage in despicable and dangerous acts with other men” so that he could report back to the faithful.

Inquiring minds want to know…

You can practically hear Peter screeching in the copy on the web site as he tries to malign Topinka:

Judy Baar Topinka knows that her avid support for homosexual and “trans-gender” rights is not widely popular in Illinois, and could especially cost her support from hundreds of thousands of conservatives who vote Republican in Illinois primaries. That’s why she is now hiding her “gay” advocacy from the public. Despite her cowardly obfuscations today, her homosexual activist friends will certainly count her as an important ally if she becomes governor of Illinois.

Considering all of the above, again we remind you…

These are Judy Baar Topinka’s Values…

And again ask you… are they yours?

Oh, the best part is the video that Peter provides on the anti-Topinka site. It’s of the 2005 Pride parade, and there’s nothing special about it except that it’s full of slo-mo of gays dancing, a couple of chaste kisses and the stuff you usually see at a Pride parade (certainly nothing approaching the het-laced sexuality of Mardi Gras fests of the past, if one has to compare).

I got the feeling that Peter must have enjoyed looping through the clips.

* Letter from Peter LaBarbera

Hat tips to Blender Tony and Dan L.

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