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Incest is no exception to a father’s right to know what’s going on in his daughter’s life.
That was the message from Utah lawmakers who refused Monday to make an exception for incest victims in a proposed law that would require parental consent and notification before a girl’s abortion.

“There is a life inside of this life. And how that life is taken care of is very important to me,” said Sen. Darin Peterson, R-Nephi.

Current Utah law – which was adopted in 1974 – requires doctors to notify a girl’s parents before ending her pregnancy. HB85, sponsored by Ogden Republican Rep. Kerry Gibson and Peterson, would change state code to require doctors to get at least one parent’s permission 24 hours before the procedure. Doctors could proceed without consent in medical emergencies or to protect the health of the mother.

The bill would allow girls to ask a judge to bypass the parental consent requirement if she fears abuse or is pregnant as a result of incest. At the same time, the legislation still would require a doctor to notify a girl’s parents of the abortion, effectively nullifying the judicial bypass.


Conservative senators said the legislation is a test of their morals.

West Jordan Republican Sen. Chris Buttars scoffed at McCoy’s suggestion that the legislation might force teens to other states for abortions or into their bathrooms to attempt the procedure on themselves.

“Abortion isn’t about women’s rights. The rights they had were when they made the decision to have sex,” Buttars said. “This is the consequences. The consequence is they should have to talk to their parents.”

As much as I would like to be civil about this and not say anything that might offend any gentle souls who stop by, I would just like to say that I hope Chris Buttars gets colon cancer.

And by saying that, I assure you, I’m being nice.

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