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NJ school board refuses to fire trans teacher

A big decision, and in the right direction. The conservative Toms River, NJ school board refused to suck up to the fundie parents who wanted transgendered teacher Lily B. McBeth fired. Cretin parent Mark Schnepp, as you read in my earlier post, said that McBeth’s presence in the classroom is an affront to his convictions “violates my religious beliefs.”

Sanity against bigotry prevailed. (

A school board in one of the most conservative counties in New Jersey Monday night refused to bow to pressure from a small group of parents who demanded the removal of a transgendered teacher.

Lily B. McBeth took a leave of absence from her job as a substitute teacher with the Eagleswood School District last year and at age 69 transitioned. When her physical transformation was complete she petitioned the board to return to work. The board voted 41 to 1 to return her to her old job.

When a small group of a parents realized that Mr McBeth was now Ms McBeth they demanded the board rescind its decision. One parent, Mark Schnepp, took out a full-page newspaper ad urging parents to attend the Board of Education’s Monday meeting.

About 100 people showed up, the majority supportive of McBeth.

…But most of the speakers praised McBeth calling her well liked by children and an asset to the school system. Prior to the meeting the school board met privately with McBeth and her attorney. After listening to both sides of the issue during the public meeting the board, without a vote, said it would not amend its early decision.

This is a historic night for transgender rights,” Steven Goldstein, the chair of Garden State Equality told‘s jmelli weighed in, noting Ocean County’s bigots are 0 for 2 (after Laurel Hester’s victory), citing a Blender commenter:

Mr Schnepp may subscribe to a religion that prohibits his children from getting a quality education from gifted teachers, but that doesn’t mean the rest of us have to. Tata said it best: “Welcome to the public schools, where you and your child will meet the public, whether you like it or not.” Just one month after the late Laurel Hester was granted domestic partner benefits, we have another triumph over bigotry in Ocean County.

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