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Divine Interventions provides a religious experience

Only it’s not the kind of experience the bible beaters appreciate very much.

Divine Interventions is a sex toy company that sells religious-themed “appliances” that are raising the blood pressure of the AmTaliban. I wonder if the keyboards at AgapePress caught on fire or whether their monitors blew up when they surfed over to “investigate.”

Web-based Divine Productions goes out of its way to promote products that clearly offend and mock Christianity and the Catholic Church. Through its website, the company is offering sex toys like a “baby Jesus b— plug,” a “jackhammer Jesus,” and a “diving nun.”

[Former pastor and recovered sex addict] Gene McConnell is director of Authentic Relationships International, an organization that reaches out to men and women who are struggling with addiction to pornography. “It is clear that [porn] providers like this have to expose their customers to more destructive ideas to get their customers to come back for more,” he says.

The distributor sells its products by using religious imagery and terminology to make fun of biblical characters, among them Jesus, the Virgin Mary, Judas, and Moses. Company advertising employs slogans such as: “Let Judas make a martyr out of you”; “help Moses part the —- sea”; or “find out what it means to be truly touched by God” by using “God’s immaculate — .

McConnell believes Divine Productions “is using sex to communicate hate to the religious community.”

…Syndicated radio talk-show host Paul McGuire says “it is amazing to the me that major media groups do not see this as a frontal assault on Christianity.”

How did these pious folks find this web site anyway? Just asking — I’ve never been to this site before, and I’m one of those deviant homos. I would assume their NetNanny or whatever other porn filter they have on their browsers would have kept their tender eyes away from these images.

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Pam Spaulding