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Bush Approval Map – Feb 2006 Edition

As promised, it’s the latest edition of the Bush Approval Map. If you joined us late, the map features the state-by-state opinion polls from SurveyUSA. I’ve taken Bush’s Disapproval Rating and subtracted it from his Approval Rating, which gives us a Net Approval Rating.

Positive percentages represent more love for Bush, which I’ve color-coded red. Negative percentages represent where more people hate Bush than love him. Those states are shaded in blue. The darker the blue or the red, the more intense the feelings for Bush (purple represents about a 50/50 split, within the +/- 3% margin of error).

The bar on the right shows the overall weighted Net Approval for Bush. This is based on aggregating all the Net Approvals for Bush for all 50 states and weighting them to match population (e.g. Wyoming’s love for Bush is only worth 1/77th of California’s hatred of Bush.)

Enjoy the map as it turns darker and darker blue biggrin.gif. A month will appear for five seconds.

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