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Well, howdy, Blenders! Your token (or is that “tokin'”?) straight white male barista has been away from the coffeehouse for awhile. I’ve been putting the finishing touches on my website’s migration away from ValueWeb hosting, Blogger publishing, and Haloscan comments. I’ve moved to my own domain, hosted completely (posts & comments) on my own dedicated server at IdeaServed (Portland’s #1 Webhost – support local business!) using the Movable Type publishing system.

I couldn’t be happier! The new system is awesome. It lets me categorize posts, provides great navigation through archives, e-mail subscription, Google toolbar integration, and includes a TypeKey-verified commenting system (to keep the spammers and trolls away.) Check out the new Radical Writ.

I’ll still be posting over here from time to time, when I have posts about LGBT issues or the American Taliban. But my rants on the War On (Certain American Taxpayers Using Non-Alcoholic, Non-Pharmaceutical, Tobacco-Free) Drugs, Modern Mythology and the People Who Believe It, The Bill of Rights and Other Quaint Anachronisms, and Sex, Sex, & More Kinky Alternative Sex will remain housed at the Writ.

Stop on by if you get the chance. Think of my place as that counterculture head shop next door to the lesbian coffeehouse. You’re all welcome and will be immediately set as trusted commenters (immediate posting rights) the minute I see your handle in my commenter logs (after you log in and post a comment.) Mind the construction; we’re still working on the Radical SWAG Store, the Conservative Values Monitor, the Iraquagmire pages, and the Family Photo Gallery (switching a site from all PHP to all CGI is HARD!), but there will be plenty of bloggy goodness and, er, novelty functional glass art for tobacco use only for everyone.

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