Yeah. We tried that. It didn’t pan out so good

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From one of the P-Tools:

As Tony Snow says, the hysterics of both Democratic and Republican members of Congress “confirmed the Founder’s view that the president, and not the legislature, should handle national security matters.” The matter now will be re-opened for 45 days of study, during which period the administration will attempt to address the concerns of Congress. Given the importance, sensitivity, and complexity of the issue, this makes sense in theory. But given the importance, sensitivity, and complexity of the issue, is Congress capable of rational discourse and analysis?

That would be this President:

169. President Bush himself stated in a speech to NATO, “Never did anybody’s thought process about how to protect America (sic) did we ever think that the evildoers would fly not one, but four commercial aircraft into precious US targets – never.”

So I’ll hope you understand if we pass on this once in a lifetime offer. Thanks for offering though…

(Photo by James Nachtway)

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