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Rove in 'Strategery': sHillary will lose

Hey, most Blenders can actually agree with Rove on this one (scary thought there). Queen Drudge is bleating in a “world exclusive” that in the new book Stategery, by reporter Bill Sammon, Turdblossom and Bush are on the record saying they expect sHillary to be the Dem nominee and that her ass will be whipped in the general election. Rove:

There is a “brittleness about her” that could prove a weakness in November 2008. But Rove added that the “hard-driving” Clinton will easily vanquish Democratic primary rivals like New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson and former Virginia Gov. Mark Warner, who are merely “preening for the vice presidential slot.”

…“She is the dominant player on their side of the slate,” Rove said of Clinton. “Anybody who thinks that she’s not going to be the candidate is kidding themselves.”

…“For somebody who is philosophically very liberal, she’ll be a very cautious candidate at times,” he said. “That cautiousness will serve her well a lot of times — not always, but a lot of times. “For example, her cautiousness had her vote for the Iraq war,” he said. “Her cautiousness has led her to do things to sort of try to position herself as a centrist.”

Asked to describe Clinton’s weaknesses, Rove said, “her personal philosophy and her brittleness about her.”she conducts herself. But it will also be settled in part by who the Republican nominee is and how he or she conducts themselves.”

That brittleness crap from Rove is just the beginning of the misogyny campaign against sHillary, but quite frankly they don’t need to start that sh*t to find plenty of fault with the senator from NY, such as her transparent pandering of the center-right crowd on a host of issues.

BTW, this was from the same series of interviews where the Chimp calls sHillary “formidable.” Whatever.


Mo’ money…

Oh, and if you folks in NY get any phone calls asking for money for sHillary “for her Senate race” — she doesn’t need it.

At the end of 2005, the former first lady had $17 million in her campaign account and was working hard to expand her national base of contributors.

…”She’s raising money she won’t even need” for her state race, said former Sen. Alfonse D’Amato, a New York Republican powerbroker.

Leftover money could be used for a presidential campaign in 2008 if she runs.

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