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Rita Cosby, Right Where She Belongs

In the middle of the freak show, that is, and not not on "cable news." Speaking about the Democrats on Hardball:

Talk about a wacky thing. They’re going after the, quote, hoodlum vote. I mean that, I think, is very racist. Clearly they are going after the African-American vote.

This isn’t news any more, it’s way past political propaganda and devolved into tabloid TV. Where did they unearth this tacky, ignorant ding dong anyway? She sounds like she’s been gargling on O’Beire’s 60 Grit (no doubt the wellspring of her political acumen) and dresses like a cocktail waitress from the bowling alley. When she did her special on porn my dog threw up in my shoe.

MSNBC needs to pack her off to Aruba. She can come back on the air when she actually finds Natalie Holloway.

(special thanks to TBogg who went dumpster diving for the photo. It would be easier to kill the smell of week-old cat piss.)

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Jane Hamsher

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