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Love Won Out nuts in St. Louis

As we mentioned earlier this week, the Daddy Dobson ex-gay roadshow known as Love Won Out was heading for St. Louis. Well, they’ve teamed up with some local pastors who are spewing the nonsense. Promoters claim more than 1,300 people have registered, and are coming from 28 states. Yes, the gay bars will be crowded.

Some quotes of wisdom from the local religious leaders…

“The movie ‘Brokeback Mountain’ may win best picture of the year, the issues are being discussed very openly now and, in the media, it’s in your face everyday. The church has been silent on this issue for so long, and now we want to offer an opportunity to those who are dissatisfied with that lifestyle.”

— Mark Friz of St. Paul’s Evangelical Free Church in Creve Coeur

“Churches decades ago didn’t respond properly to this issue…what the conference is giving out is “simply information.” I guarantee you, there’s no peace in their [homos] life … there’s no comfort.”

— Leroy Gill Jr., pastor of Jubilee Community Church in north St. Louis

“My feeling is, homosexuals are not born. Homosexuals need help. They need to be told the truth…I love people. I love homosexuals. I love sinners. But this is God’s word. They damn themselves to Hell.”

— Willie Kent, pastor of the Community Fellowship church in the Central West End


Blender NancyP has been participating in a peaceful protest outside the LWO event; she noted this in the comments of another thread earlier today:

FWIW, we had about 500 polite protesters at the morning action “Love Needs No Cure” at the St. Louis Love Won Out conference. What was cool was that for every car passing to turn into the church lot, other cars were honking and waving. Only 4 cars flipped the bird or otherwise were significantly hostile – most of the attendees were trying to be stony-faced.

Well, off for the afternoon action, now that I have eaten and warmed up. 40 degrees, 10-15 mph wind, and a 2 person 8′ banner without windholes – I felt we were about to fly away like Dorothy.

Nancy, if you write up an account of what went on from your group’s POV, I’ll be happy to post it.

Hat tip to Blender Anthony.

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