The Dilettante’s Ball

Medic! Medic! Skippy’s been hit with pink acrylic! You bastards! You stinking bastards. As God is my witness, I will avenge thee, Skippy. And, uh, save me some beers back at the H3. And don’t get any paint on the upholstery….’kay? Posted by Picasa

Stephen Green, the Mr. Kurtz of the 101st Fighting Keyboarders, who just wishes all the Muslims would just kill each other so he wouldn’t have to fret about being wrong about the war and other icky things, has better things to do with his time:

Yesterday, I learned that paintball rocks.

Thus confirming what we used to think was a joke about warbloggers.

Meanwhile, he thinks I’m being mean to him.

One would have thought that an afternoon of playing armyman would have toughened him up.

One would be wrong.

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