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Via Roger Ailes the Good, we see that just about anybody can get a book contract these days (unless you’re writing a roman à clef about a college professor going through a mid-life crisis in which case, thanks but no thanks, we have plenty of those). Anyway we see that Hans Zeiger, author of Get Off My Honor: The Assault on the Boy Scouts of America has chosen to not put those Eagle Scout survival skills to the test by volunteering for the Clash of Civilizations (that would be the Christian vs Islamojihadifascistafarian Clash of Civilization, not to be confused with the Hollywood vs My Sucky Career Clash of Civilization which currently scores a 60/40 split on the Funny/Sad meter). Instead he’s written another book to give conservatives hope while they point and say, “See! see! America’s youth isn’t just a bunch of tattooed iPoded slackers who have more sex in one week than I’ve had in my six years of marriage to my third wife. Now you’ll excuse me while I go check out Suicide Girls and masturbate…Wait. Wait. Did I just say that out loud?”

Sorry. Back to Hans (And let’s be honest, Hans Zeiger is such a cool butch militaristic name. Almost as good as Max Boot). Sorry. Again.

Here’s Hans’ new book Reagan’s Children: Taking Back the City on the Hill.

The British call those born during Margaret Thatcher’s prime ministry “Thatcher’s Children.” Likewise, the thirty million Americans born from 1981 to 1988 could be considered “Reagan’s Children.” In his second book, young activist Hans Zeiger, born in 1985, suggests his generation is indeed reflective of former President Ronald Reagan’s conservatism, faith, and optimism.

“There is a strong and vital corps of young Americans who are committed to the simple, permanent things of the spirit that define the American character,” Zeiger says. “These are Reagan’s Children who will keep America going.”

Yeah. I didn’t notice anything in there about fighting and shit. That must be for the children of some other former President.

Anyway, we look forward to Hans’ third book about the history of Hillsdale College. The working title: Get Off Your Daughter-in-Law: The Assault on Traditional Marriage and Where Can I Get Me Some of That Action?.

Remember, it’s just a working title…

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