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Southern Baptists: our women are out of control

The Women’s Missionary Union is too independent for the men of the Southern Baptist Convention, so it is mulling whether to bring the body under the control of the SBC. It’s not enough to desire womb control; thought and freedom of association is apparently too much for these men to take from their females. Have they placed an order for burqas yet? (WaPo):

Formed in 1888, the Woman’s Missionary Union is considered an “auxiliary” _ or helper _ to the denomination, but it has always been self-governing and financially independent.

Now the executive committee of the SBC is considering a motion to place the women’s group under the direct authority of the convention. Top Baptist officials stress that it’s early in the process and such a step is unlikely. But if approved by both groups, the change would likely stop the Woman’s Missionary Union from continuing its work with more moderate Baptist churches that are not affiliated with the SBC.

Surely one reason this is happening is the desire to keep these Baptist women from connecting with non-SBC Baptist groups,” said Bill Leonard, dean of the Wake Forest University Divinity School and an opponent of the conservative takeover of the denomination. Leonard said the Southern Baptist Convention is “very nervous about entities they cannot control.”

..”The WMU has been the one organization controlled and run by women,” said Robert Parham, executive director of Baptist Center for Ethics, a Nashville group that often criticizes the conservative direction of the Southern Baptists. “Taking control of the WMU solidifies male dominance of the SBC.”

Parham said Southern Baptists are wary of female leadership, noting that in recent years the denomination has ruled that women should not be pastors and that wives should “graciously submit” to their husbands.

Hat tip Holly.

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